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A Note for Learners

English learning is a fascinating adventure. It is a journey, that involves personal growth and development. The KEY for you as a learner is believing that you can really succeed...because you can...and iEnglish® LRC can help you!

A Note for Teachers

English teaching is also an exciting and challenging journey, for it involves navigating a complex field that is full of the unexpected; and this journey is best undertaken using a multidisciplinary approach. However, the articles and ideas that you find at iEnglish® LRC will help you to overcome the obstacles you encounter along the way, and help you make good progress towards your personal and professional goals as a teacher--particularly if you teach in an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) setting, rather than an ESL (English as a Second Language) setting.

As teachers,we should strive to be researchers in our own classrooms. There is no better way of developing professionally than by careful observation and 'thinking' about what is really going on in our own classes. iEnglish® LRC is committed to helping you succeed in this vitally important area.

So both eager learners and dedicated teachers have come to the right place: iEnglish® LRC.

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